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tilango tax consulting has its professional roots in international tax consulting and companies listed on the stock exchange. We specialize in advising corporations and partnerships, especially in an international context. We are committed to digital change and actively promote it.

We are a reliable partner for you and can help you navigate the complicated German tax law.

Stefan Paul Langowski
Stefan Paul Langowski

Email: s.langowski@tilango.de

Janos Roman Luszpinski
Janos Roman Luszpinski

Email: j.luszpinski@tilango.de

We advise you on tax issues


Financial accounting

We will provide you with a record of your business transactions customized to your needs. You will receive the clear information you need to make decisions in a timely manner. Digital interfaces help to optimize time and costs, and we consider them to be an obvious choice.

Payroll accounting

Simple wage processing helps your team manage this sensitive area professionally. We prepare the current pay statements for you, keep the employee wage accounts, and take care of all notifications required by financial authorities and health insurance companies.

Financial statements

To make the success of your company measurable and to express it in figures, we are happy to prepare your annual financial statements for you. In commercial law, annual financial statements form the basis for annual tax returns. We can help you comply with your statutory obligations on time.

Entrepreneurial counselling

We are there for you from beginning planning phase, through the founding of the company, to registration with the tax offices. If desired, we can also take care of other administrative matters. For expanding companies, we can support your growth plan and advise on internationalization.

Corporate transformation

The ideal legal form of an enterprise can vary over time. Through our experience in international tax consulting, we have extensive expertise in the area of conversion tax legislation. We would be happy to advise you concerning tax-optimized restructuring as well as the tax structuring of shareholder’s agreements.

Transaction consulting

We have played an active role in supporting many our clients during banking talks and financing rounds, and have successfully secured the sale of shares for tax purposes. For due diligence, we will be at your disposal as a competent partner, and will help you identify potential tax risks at an early stage.


Online trading presents major challenges for traditional accounting. In addition to the potential scalability of the transactions, this sector is subject to extensive sales tax regulations. We act as supportive problem-solving partners for our clients, and focus heavily on digitalization and the implementation of data interfaces with online platforms.


We use certified document management systems to manage all data entrusted to us. Our electronic interfaces and the automated data transfer capabilities are continuously being expanded. In addition to developing IT competencies for you, we never take our eyes off of the current tax law.

Tax accounting

We can advise and support you in calculating current and deferred income taxes in individual and consolidated financial statements. We will clarify special issues for you – it does not matter whether you use HGB, IFRS, or US-GAAP accounting.

Digital accounting – the pulse of the times

Our partners

Paper receipts (incoming and outgoing invoices) are increasingly a thing of the past. We can help you digitize documents to make them available at any time. Bank data is exchanged electronically and payments are accelerated. The company has access to key financial figures and tamper-proof document archives at all times. tilango tax consulting works with a large number of partners to offer tailor-made solutions.





Datev Unternehmen Online bietet eine gemeinsame internetbasierte Plattform für den reibungslosen Beleg- und Datenaustausch zwischen Steuerberater und Unternehmen. Kernstück ist hierbei ein revisionssicheres Archiv für digitalisierte Belege, elektronische Rechnungen, Personalunterlagen und Auswertungen. Zahlungen können einfacher erledigt werden.



CANDIS bietet die Bereitstellung von Buchhaltungsdaten und deren teilautomatisierte Verarbeitung. Sämtliche Rechnungs- und Transaktionsdaten werden automatisch ausgelesen. Alle relevanten Zahlungsdaten werden aus den Rechnungen identifiziert und automatisch Zahlungsvorlagen erstellt. Das bedeutet: Nie wieder Daten manuell in Rechnungsbücher tippen und mit Bankkonten abgleichen.



Lexoffice ist ein Produkt der Haufe-Lexware Unternehmensgruppe. Lexoffice unterstützt Sie dabei Angebote und Rechnungen zu schreiben, Kundendaten zu verwalten und dabei teilautomatisch die Buchhaltung zu erledigen. Das System ist stufenweise ausbaubar. Als Spezialist der Warenwirtschaft ist mit Lexware somit auch eine Anbindung an ein Warenwirtschaftssystem möglich.


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